1. Can I submit poems already posted on my personal blog/instagram/facebook page? 

Yes, previously published poems are allowed. 

2. What themes of poetry do you accept?

We welcome all themes of poetry. The most common themes that we receive are love and heartbreak, loneliness, nature, the highs and lows of everyday life, family, friendship and dreams. 

3. Do I have to recite my poem somewhere?

No,  this is a written competition only. You don't have to recite or perform the poem.

4. Do I have to come to Delhi to receive my prize money?

No, you don't have to travel to Delhi to receive your prize money. We wire the money to the winners' bank accounts. 

5. Are participants allowed to send multiple enteries?

Yes, of course. Participants can send as many as enteries as they like. Each poem is eligible to win a prize, a single poet may win more than one prize.