Wingword Poetry Prize 2019

Win prizes and national recognition for your poetry. Prizes upto ₹ 5,00,000 will be awarded to aspiring poets from all around India. Wingword Poetry Competition is looking for poets who have a unique style of expression and a fresh perspective to offer to the world. We accept poems on a variety of themes such as love, heartbreak, family, childhood, society, nature and history. It’s your imagination; let it run wild!


1st Prize: 1,00,000 + Book Publication

2nd Prize: 50,000

3rd Prize: 25,000

Top 30 Winners: 10,000

200 Commendable Mentions Will Be Published in Poetry Book.

Submit Your Poems

The entry fee is to participate in Wingword Poetry Prize 2019 is Rs 400 for one poem, Rs 1000 for three poems, Rs 1500 for five poems and Rs 2000 for ten poems.

Choose the number of poems you have and then click the button below to participate.


  1. Poems must be written in English or Hindi.

  2. The competition is strictly open to Indian nationals and persons of Indian origin.

  3. You must be 15 years old and above.

  4. Poems must be originally written by the author.

  5. Any style of poetry is accepted.

  6. Each poem should be no longer than 1500 words.

  7. You are allowed to submit multiple entries.

  8. Previously published poems are allowed.

  9. Beginners are encouraged to participate.

  10. Early deadline is October 20th Sunday, 11.59 PM.


Winners and commendable mentions are awarded certificates of merit. We provide electronic certification to every poet who takes part in the competition. 


We are looking for budding poets like you! You can win.