Junior Poetry Competition 2019

 Junior Poetry Competition 2019 gives young minds a chance to showcase their talent, creativity and imagination. The competition is open to students between the age 8 to 14 years old. Poetry is the art of using language in its best capacity. Its knowledge is not only required for excelling in English tests, but it can help children in being focused and centered. The poetry competition is built to recognise such talented individuals and provide them with the right platform.



1st Prize Rs 10,000

2nd Prize: Rs 7500

 3rd Prize Rs 5000

 10 students will receive Rs 2500 each

A chapbook with all winning poems will be published in February 2020 after the announcement of the result. The winners will receive one copy of the book at their mailing address.

 E-Certificates of participation will be given to all.


“Poetry is the language of the soul”

Lori R. Lopez


  1. Poems must be under 40 lines

  2. All topics and style of writing are allowed

  3. Languages allowed are English and Hindi

  4. You must be 8 to 14 years old.

  5. Final Deadline to enter is January 15th 2020, Wednesday.

  6. Entry fee is ₹500 for one poem, ₹1000 for three poems, ₹1500 for five poems and ₹2000 for ten poems.


1.     The idea or the theme of the poem must be chosen carefully. Write about what you are most passionate. Best poems stem from poet’s own experiences and surroundings. Remember that!

2.     The title of the poem must be striking and unique. It is the face of your poem, so give it some thought.

3.     Language is important but don’t focus too much on vocabulary. Difficult words don’t make a good poem, effective words do.

4.     Most important is that you express what’s in your heart. If the poem is close to your heart, it will make an impact on the judges.


Results will be announced on 28th February 2020. All participants will be notified via email and names of winners will be up on the website.