1. I am a beginner in writing poetry. Do I have fair chances to win in the competition?

We believe poetry is all about expressing yourself. Every poem is a special work of art, whether written by an established poet or beginner. Beginners are encouraged to submit their poetry. Wingword Poetry Competition takes pride in providing a platform to beginners and new poets. Sharing your poetry with us will give you the right confidence and tools to improve your work. So don't hesitate!

2. Does sending more than one poem increase my chances of winning?

If you have poems on different themes or writing styles, we encourage you to send multiple poems as this may increase your chance of winning.

3. Can I win more than one prize in the competition?

Yes. A poet can win several prizes in the competition. Each poem is judged individually, hence a poet is eligible to winning more than one prize for different poems.

4. Can I submit poems already posted on my personal blog/instagram/facebook page? 

Yes, previously published poems are allowed. 

5. What themes of poetry do you accept?

We welcome all themes of poetry. The most common themes that we receive are love and heartbreak, loneliness, nature, the highs and lows of everyday life, family, friendship and dreams. 

6. Do I have to recite my poem somewhere?

No,  this is a written competition only. You don't have to recite or perform the poem.

7. Do I have to come to Delhi to receive my prize money?

No, you don't have to travel to Delhi to receive your prize money. We wire the money to the winners' bank accounts. 

8. Can I participate if I am an Overseas Citizen of India or if I hold a temporary residential permit in India?

Yes, an OCI card holder can participate in the competition. You can also participate if you are a temporary resident of India such as on student visa or employment visa.

9. Are participants allowed to send multiple entries?

Yes, of course. Participants can send as many as entries as they like by paying the respective entry fee.

10. If I submit more than one poem, is there a chance I can win more than one prize?

Yes, of course it is possible to win more than one prize in the competition. Each poem is scored individually by the judging committee and thus a poet has the chance of winning more than one title. However the maximum number of prize a single poet can win is two.

11. What is the entry fee to participate?

The entry fee is ₹ 400 for one poem, ₹ 1000 for three poems, ₹ 1500 to submit five poems and ₹ 2000 to submit ten poems.

12. What is the procedure to participate in Wingword Poetry Competition?

It’s really simple. First you have to pay the entry fee. Then, you will receive the online link to the submission form. You can type/paste your poems here and submit them to the competition.

13. Will I receive confirmation email after making my submission?

Yes of course, you will receive an automatic confirmation on making your submission to Wingword Poetry Prize 2019.

14. What is the deadline to participate in Wingword Poetry Competition 2019?

The early bird deadline to participate in Wingword Poetry Competition 2019 is October 20th Sunday, 11.59 PM

There will be extended dates, subject to increase in entry fee.

15. Can I submit in languages other than English and Hindi?

Yes. You can also submit your poetry in the following languages: Punjabi, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Marathi , Malayalam, Telugu, Urdu, Oriya, Assamese, Gujarati. Please click here for details.

16. What if I am below 15 years old? Is there any opportunity for me?

You may participate in Junior Poetry Competition. Click here for details.