Winner of Wingword Poetry Prize 2017

The first prize of INR 1,00,000 was awarded along with book publication to Vancouver Shullai.


Vancouver Shullai is the winner of Wingword Poetry Prize 2017. Hailing from lovely Laitumkhrah in the hills of Shillong, his poetry is a hybrid of old school vibrance and modern day madness. Aside from poetry, Vancouver has an exceptional ability for singing and loves music. 

He is currently pursuing M.A in English Literature at Christ University in Bangalore. 

The title of the winning poem in Wingword Poetry Competition 2017 is "The Wait". Vancouver was also awarded book publication for his poems by winning the competition. 



I am thirteen years of ignorance,
Five years of mistakes and three years Of telling myself not to do them again. I am Khasi with no Khasi name. Catholic, with no Catholic name.
I am christened with Imagination, Watered with Precision
And salted with Detail. 

It has been exactly one hour
And thirty six minutes
Since I arrived at the airport
And exactly seventeen minutes
Less of that, that I saw a Maruti 800 With dents and scratches and a family. 

I wanted to imagine right away.
To create a personal motion picture For my mind and my mind, alone: 

You see, 

There was Dada with little Riya
Sitting in the passenger seat next to Rajah ― Their loyal driver who has a North Indian wife Pregnant with their second child.
In the back seat was Anjali, first child
Of Dada - with her son, Ritesh,
Brother of Riya. 

Heading home after a trip to New Delhi Anjali was only waiting for a hearty lunch. Riya, just as hungry, was waiting to get away From her grandfather's sweaty arms. 

Rajah was waiting for a phone call,
While Dada was waiting to rest.
Ritesh was fast asleep to wait for anything. 

(It was an affair of waiting.) 

Dadi waited at home with a warm pot of rice, Dal, papad, sabji, Italian pasta
And three buckets of bathing water. 

In their Japanese-themed living room
Was Anjali's beloved Francis, whose erudition
Included a Master's degree in Psychology
And seven Spanish words, one of which meant window. He sat and he read a book of a British writer
And waited on his wife and children to return. 

The Maruti 800, model 1998, entered the gate ― The sound of which made Dadi run with joy, Francis sigh and the papad burn. 


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